Working Principles and Experience

To let owners and boards of commercial enterprises benefit from Abilitas’ consulting through participation [CAP], which focuses on achieving concrete results through appropriate leadership and management.

… For owners and board members: You need to keep abreast of your business situation at all times, and keep up with developments in your field. Our task is to help our clients to get an accurate picture of rapidly evolving situations.

… For commercial enterprises: Like you, we understand that a commercial enterprise is one whose future depends entirely on making sufficient profits.

… Consulting through participation [CAP]: Our executive consultants work mainly as members of clients’ boards for an agreed-upon period or for a specific project. In many cases, this may lead to permanent positions as board members.

Abilitas’ part-time partners – successful business executives, who have the ability and desire to tackle challenging tasks on a part-time basis within the overall Abilitas concept, largely conduct executive consulting.

Our partners act as catalysts, combining clients’ know-how, experience and ideas with their own knowledge and experience – within the Abilitas framework, of course.

Abilitas’ consulting through participation [CAP] is a sound business system that forms comprehensive business relationships pooling the expertise of successful executives all over the world. Our partners are strongly motivated by the opportunity to take assignments in which they feel their input can be most valuable. Naturally, the combined resources of the Abilitas system are at the disposal of our partners at all times.

… Achieving results through appropriate leadership and management: Our objective is to help our clients:

  • to build entrepreneurially-managed, customer-oriented operations with defined earnings objectives and a clearly-stated leadership and management philosophy;
  • to understand the current market situation of their businesses, and the direction they should be heading;
  • to realize that motivated people with a commitment to action, a clear understanding of their company’s strategic goals, and a thorough knowledge of their operations will help their companies advance to meet their objectives; and
  • to understand that achievement and success can only come from a personnel committed to jointly accepted objectives and operating principles