To win is to have a sense of purpose, to free your hidden creativity, to develop in a consistent manner and learn to benefit from constructive self-criticism. Nothing motivates an organization to win like genuine leadership and shared success.

The success of every winning team depends on the example set by the manager -- and on an entrepreneurial spirit that is never satisfied with anything less than the very best results.

more about ABILITAS …

  • The Abilitas concept was developed to support and strengthen the company board by offering the services of a competent and experienced working member of the board, bound by Abilitas Code of Professional Ethics and Operating Principles, as well as other board supporting services.

Abilitas is …

  • A way of doing business.
  • A comprehensive business relationship that pools the expertise of successful executives all over the world.
  • A means of conducting a high-level executive consulting, advisory, business.
  • A management system for operating an executive consulting business on a part-time basis.
  • Abilitas was established in 1987, and its predecessor Oy Board Consultants Ab in 1975.